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brick 'n mortar, part ii

It's Saturday afternoon and The Wise Old Dog is approaching its first full month since we reopened our doors.  This has been extraordinary.  Are we done?  Never!  But, our store has been gut-renovated, all new inventory fills our shelves, and, most importantly, our customers have returned to discover that we worked through the night for our shutdown week to build a brand new store they could all be proud of...success!

What is it like inside?  Well, you'll have to come visit!  What follows here are some pictures of the renovation...thank you to our crew who each and all went the extra mile, stayed the extra hour, and devoted the extra bit of care and attention to the details that now make the space uniquely special.

"BEFORE": This cooler MUST go!

The other side of the store "BEFORE"

Shelves clear!

Cooler GONE!

In comes the new custom 5-door cooler.

The regrigeration team works through the night.


Sign going up!


AFTER: Fresh flowers on the table of summer white wines.

Treats on the front counter!


For summer sipping.

It's always 5 o'clock at The Wise Old Dog.


Dinner at Home

An unexpected challenge! When I asked her what she'd like for dinner because I was on my way to the store, Allie replied, "sorry to not be more helpful or excited but, really, I just really don't want anything chicken or anything Italian because after my mediocre vaguely Italian chicken for lunch, I want something that just plain isn't that!"

Hmmm. This may sound easy but given what we had eaten for dinner the past few nights and this pretty broad limitation, I wasn't sure where to start. Long story short, I trusted the ingredients picking only what looked terrific at the market and went for something way different from Allie's lunch.

The baby sungold tomatoes were gorgeous as was the freshly cut flank steak and I knew we had some lovely baby romaine lettuce at home (my new favorite but more on that another time!).

First thing, I pricked the steak thoroughly with a fork before putting it in my favorite marinade vessel: the gallon ziplock bag, with just olive oil and chiles in adobo sauce to hang out until I was ready to broil it. After you broil the steak (and take it out of the oven long before you think you should!), salt it gently and season with fresh black pepper as it starts to rest before slicing.

Then, a quick fresh salsa of the gorgeous tomatoes, cilantro, minced sweet onion, salt pepper and lime juice. I put some dry salt-free adobo in there as well and let it sit.

The wine that worked just perfectly: the Schug Sauvignon Blanc. Cheap, delicious, and just what you want from a nice summer white to be enjoyed with bold spicy flavors on a warm evening.

Vaguely Italian chicken? I don't think so! Knocked this one out of the park. And really, it was painfully easy, inexpensive, and so fresh. Yum!