We are OPEN in West Hartford & Morris:


Monday-Saturday 10AM 'til 8PM Sunday 10AM 'til 6PM

We provide THREE ways to SHOP:

1. INSIDE our Shop for mindful browsing. (MORRIS + WEST HARTFORD.)

2. ONLINE Same-Day Curbside Service when you shop online and place your order. (WEST HARTFORD ONLY.) In Morris, please call us to book your order: 860-567-8938.

3. ONLINE Free Next-Day Hartford County Delivery (No minimum and no charge!). (WEST HARTFORD ONLY.) In Morris, please call us to book your order: 860-567-8938.




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    The best cocktail bar around is under your very own roof.

    Your favorite sommelier is the guy on the corner who sent you home with a fresh favorite that was under $15.

    The best craft beer is local and fresh. 

    And, the team at The Wise Old Dog will set you up. 

    Come through 'cause we can’t wait to take care of you.


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    Stop in for benchmark examples of our favorites at a delicious range of style from the most charming country wine to the most sought after cellar-worthy bottles.

    One of the largest volume buyer and seller of natural wine in the state, come through for vin natural examples as clean as a whistle and as funky as funky can be.

    In addition, we carry one of the very largest selection of handcrafted spirits in the state, a prodigious collection of rare whisk(e)y, and, wildly diverse craft and import beer offerings not to be missed.


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    Need advice on your dinner party menu?  Or, the best bottle as a gift for your curmudgeon of a boss?  How about free local delivery?  Just stop in or give us a call.  We will take excellent care of you.

Recent Praise

See what our friends think of The Wise Old Dog and why they keep coming back.

Hands down the best store I've ever been to. Not just the best liquor store, but the best customer experience I've ever received. Jacob, Thomas, and the rest of the staff know every bottle on their shelves and will give you an honest, fair, and spot-on recommendation for any occasion. They are also invested in their customers and will remember the types of wine or beer you enjoy and have other recommendations available based on your preferences. Additionally, their tastings and education events expose you to wide variety of wines from regions around the world often with the wine producers themselves or experts in the field. Cannot recommend this place more.

I went to a Thanksgiving wine tasting at the Wise Old Dog and felt compelled to write about my experiences there. Certainly not my first visit, but I'm always amazed at the knowledge and helpfulness of Owner Jacob and his amazing staff. I've always felt the employees at the WOD are ready to jump in and help, especially since, while I appreciate great wine, I am by no means a connoisseur.  These guys have helped me pick out a fabulous celebratory bubbly, a romantic red for a special date, quality wine (in my limited price point) to bring as gifts for Thanksgiving day plans, and unique every-day Chardonnays for myself. I love how they always seem to have suggestions about smaller, quality vineyards and varietals as I love trying new wines.  Their new larger space on South Quaker has such a warm, open, inviting vibe. The tasting area is right in front and really encourages conversation and fosters a sense of community.  The work they did on their new space is amazing. The WOD is always hosting, or partaking in community events and always has an interesting tasting to look forward to. As I mentioned, they are knowledgeable without being arrogant and pushy and really listen to what the customer is looking for. The Wise Old Dog is a West Hartford gem.  If you are looking for a bottle of wine that's sure to please, head on down and the staff will be ready and willing to find you just what you need.  You'll wonder why you didn't pop in sooner. Cheers!

Stopped by today after passing by the Wise Old Dog numerous times in the last year. I was instantly welcomed by Jacob and his staff and felt more than at home. Jacob walked me through the layout of the store and even chatted me up about some selections I had made. I have heard that there are tastings here and I will absolutely come back to be there for those.  I would highly recommend this store to ANYONE who wants to try a new beer and wants a suggestion. The staff here are top notch and the store itself is beautiful!


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