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The Barolo Direct Import Offer (Fall 2022)





The 2018 vintage has been described insightfully as seductively charming and instantly delicious. Very different in style from the 2017s and, in many critics’ and winemakers’ view, a step up. I always cherish the aromatic, and, here, a set of dignified wines of ‘sweet red fruit, freshness, delicacy and melt-in-the-mouth structures.’

These eminently age-worthy wines will go the distance in the Cellar based not on their brute strength and fat fruit, but instead, founded on silky tannin, ethereal acidity, and fresh concentrated red fruit. Expect beguiling aroma and eager acid when young and as they age, something truly special and unusual to emerge. I’m excited. Let’s dig in. In short, the lessons of 2011 and 2014 live on. Treat yourself.

Our annual Direct Import Offer continues by the grace of some very special farmers producing some incredibly special wines. This year I feel less casual. Quantities are profoundly limited. I want you to get all of it, no restrictions.

Is it alarmist to declare a Barolo Emergency? Probably. So, instead, I ask: Please review the below wines soon. Please place your order as soon as possible. Might we happen upon an extra case of this or that once the dust settles? Perhaps...but, quantities are exceptionally limited this year and I just want to do the best work for you that I can. Buy Early. Buy Heavy.

IF YOU ARE ORDERING ONLINE: Wherever you live, please mark your order for CURBSIDE PICKUP at CHECKOUT. Whether you live in the West Hartford area, Litchfield County, or elsewhere, please choose "Curbside Pickup." Once the wine arrives we will contact you by phone to make pickup/delivery/shipping arrangements. With two locations now, we have discovered a glitch in the system. "CURBSIDE PICKUP" is our work-around.

Cantina del Pino Barbaresco DOCG, 2018
from $50.00
This is my favorite wine in our offer. I put it first, I mark the price down, and I encourage you to buy a case for your table...and your cellar if you're more patient than I am. It's a blend of the Vacca family holdings and is generally made up l...
Cantina del Pino "Gallina" Barbaresco DOCG, 2018
This is the first time we are offering this wine and I couldn't be more excited. The wisdom in waiting until now is a little confusing at first...but, if you catch my vibe of how curated we are, you'll understand. Essentially, Gallina, while among...
Cantina del Pino "Albesani" Barbaresco DOCG, 2018
from $66.00
If you've been with us for awhile, you may recall my email of the Fall of 2020...in it I confessed that I was delayed in getting our Barolo Offer out to you all because the evening prior was the first time I had seen my Dad since the shutdown. And...
Cantina del Pino "Ovello" Barbaresco DOCG, 2018
from $68.00
Okay, so...this is THE wine. Even if you don't bother to listen to the "I'll drink to that" podcast with Renato about how the definitive history of Barbaresco and why we even know what it is, globally, let alone seek it out and fervently drink it ...
Silvano Bolmida "Vigne dei Fantini" Barolo Bussia DOCG, 2018
I just LOVE this wine year in and year out.  Silvano Bolmida is a teacher...indeed, a professor at the local university for winemaking.  I do not have the chance to harvest or make wine at this point in my career...instead of worrying about the le...
Silvano Bolmida Barolo Bussia Riserva DOCG, 2016
This wine is a SHOW STOPPER.  If you can get a bottle Silvano's 'Riserva' tucked in your hot little shopping cart, onto your dinner table, and into your glass, you might just count me as one of your best friends...and, all I did was tell you about...
Francesco Rinaldi "Brunate" Barolo DOCG, 2018
My little nickname for this is *Bruno* because, POWER. Elegant power? Yes! Refined POWER? Absolutely...but, this is a lovely, big wine made in the most traditional fashion. Do NOT miss it. + The 2018 Barolo Brunate shows a moment of ripeness w...
Francesco Rinaldi "Cannubi" Barolo DOCG, 2018
Capturing absolutely all that we LOVE about 2018, this paradigm stands out as an opportunity...a snapshot...a benchmark. Really special. Note, too, that Cannubi is among the absolute rarest of Cru sites...a remarkable terroir-driven treat. + ...
Fratelli Alessandria "Commune di Verduno" Barolo DOCG, 2018
from $60.00
This is the cellar-stuffer.  If you're going to lay some Barolo into the gas tank to have on hand and crush with a nice steak, or at the end of a long week, this is IT. Often one of my favorite wines to forget about (if I can for long enough) and ...
Fratelli Alessandria "Gramolere" Barolo DOCG, 2018
I have always, and will continue to, refer to Gramolere as the "Great Restaurant Wine" in Alessandria's stable. Indeed, a polished and lovable wine that never pushes redline, never shouts...but is there and reflects a dark fruit not present in the...
Fratelli Alessandria "San Lorenzo di Verduno" Barolo DOCG, 2018
from $78.00
Okay, I'll be honest...this is my favorite Barolo, always. SO delicious, so complete...SO elegant. YUM. I could say more...or, could I? + From the Winery: San Lorenzo is a hill in Verduno next to that of Monvigliero, with the same type of soil, bu...
Fratelli Alessandria "Monvigliero" Barolo DOCG, 2018
from $108.00
This is the flagship. Wildly deep and delicious, and yet, elegant and fine. A very special wine. Treat yourself. + From the Winery: Monvigliero hill is historically recognised as the “grand cru” of Verduno and one of the most representative of the...