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Raised in the restaurant business and surrounded by his family's passion for the dinner table and delicious routines, in 2012, Jacob bought a humble package store down the street from his house.  Since the beginning, he has worked to build what is now one of the most beloved Shops in West Hartford, the state, and beyond.

What we do at The Wise Old Dog is special, and different. From truly exclusive offerings, to those deliciously comforting basics, our ‘corner packie’ welcomes a loyal following that joins us as we seek the bravely fresh, the spectacularly classic, and the rarest of the rare. Come by to discover what a Boutique Bottle Shop is, and how it can make your life even more delicious than ever.

"'When you have the chance to feed people, take it.' I think about the various and endless work that we each and all do... What, for you, is you unwinding, your selfish time to let down? You’ll find me in the kitchen." -Jacob