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The Wise Old Dog is "MOVING."

We are going digital.

We are temporarily closed as our Team works to program and load our inventory on to our website.

At this time, we have suspended all business as we prepare this transition.

When we reopen, we will offer digital shopping replete with sanitary, zero-contact, full-service delivery.

We will, of course, support your shopping experience with "face-to-face" contact over Zoom, FaceTime, and other means.

We anticipate reopening Thursday morning April 9th. 

We have built our business with your belief and trust in us that we will forever work tirelessly to ensure a delicious experience.  Our intention with this move is to keep our clients and our Team as safe as possible during these strange and troubling times.

I thank you, in advance, for your patience, understanding, and support.  We rely on your love and we are so very grateful for the opportunity to serve you again in just a few days. 



Jacob, Thomas, Connor, Kate, Kat, Anthony, Matt, Lincoln, and Allie