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La Bodega de las Estrellas "Dionisos" Wine Pouches (1.5L)

La Bodega de las Estrellas "Dionisos" Wine Pouches (1.5L)

La Bodega de las Estrellas "Dionisos" Wine Pouches (1.5L)


Bodega de las Estrellas is a family winery whose current owners, Dionisio and Karina, together with a small team, have a clear objective: to make wines in a natural way, with the minimum possible intervention to first ensure a protection and care of the environment through organic agriculture and a form of production that respects the naturalness that the consumer seeks in wines, made in many cases without sulphites or other additives and always under the certification of ecological wines.
We are in deep Spain: Valdepeñas, Castilla la Mancha, where we develop our project in an autonomous and independent way.
We only make wines from our own vineyards with the grapes we bring home where the winery is.

Old and young vines in sunny climates and arid soils, fertilized with non-soluble natural elements to improve them, and make them capable of raising healthy vines, with aromas and flavours preceding those of the future wine.
Vineyards for which we have recovered and enriched the ancient knowledge and current advances, which link the cycles and rhythms of the Moon and stars with the vital metabolism in the life of the vines, and choose the best days for the various vineyard works.
We use the indigenous yeasts of these fields, which binds us definitively to this Earth, over distinctive or commercial lures.

We make the wines in amphorae, inherited from the best tradition on Earth, where aromas, flavours, colours and special textures are formed when fermenting, transmitting the authentic tradition of friendly and sweet-toothed wines.
We go directly to the consumer through enotourism and direct on-line sales. We defend and respect their integrity with clear, direct messages that offer transparency and trust.

We are promoters of the "European Manifesto for a wine label that includes the list of ingredients".

We propose you with sustainability "natural wines made with the stars for people".