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Clusel-Roch ‘Serine’ Vin de France, 2020

Clusel-Roch ‘Serine’ Vin de France, 2020

Clusel-Roch ‘Serine’ Vin de France, 2020

Soil: The vines are located in the town of Chavanay and Millery. The soils are granite. The exposure is south-east. These vines are relatively flat.

Area: 0.8 ha

Grape variety: Majority Syrah
Age of the vines:   30 years on average

Vineyard work: The vines are cultivated as naturally as possible. The density is more than five thousand vines per hectare. In winter, the soils remain naturally grassy. The vines are trellised high enough and pruned into cordons de Royat or goblet. The soils are worked in spring and summer. There are no chemical fertilizers, but composted manure, and the treatments are very moderate, without insecticides or synthetic chemicals. 

Vinification: The harvest is done by hand. Careful sorting is carried out in the vineyard by the pickers. Arrived at the cellar, the grapes are vatted by gravity; they are partially destemmed. A third remains as a whole cluster. Fermentation is done with indigenous yeasts. We maintain a moderate temperature for gentle extraction. We drain after two to three weeks following tasting.

Ageing: 1 year in barrels.

Annual production: about 3000 bottles/year

Keeping and peaking: They can be drunk as soon as they are bottled, in order to take full advantage of their youthful aromas, but can also be kept for four or five years.

Tasting: These are delicious wines, with a certain structure, a beautiful nose of black fruits and spice.
Food and wine pairing: a mâchon of Lyonnaise charcuterie, a nice grilled meat, a barbecue, a goat cheese.